Best drama love movies for telugu audience: Amaramakhilamprema and Buchinaidukandriga

Best drama love movies for telugu audience: Amaramakhilamprema and Buchinaidukandriga

Telugu industry has been offered by some of the best movies in the recent times and Amaramakhilamprema along with Buchinaidukandriga goes under that category. These are two best love drama movies to watch along with your family and loved ones. Buchinaidukandriga is a story based on true events. These are the best telugu movies online in recent times as they are the latest telugu movies online to watch only on aha.


Amaramakhilamprema movie story revolves around three major characters in the film, Amar, akhila and akhila’s father. Amar runs a bookstore in the city along with his father and that’s where he sees Akhila as a customer and stands on the point of love at first sight. As he goes on trying to enjoy the time spend and impress her, she eventually stalls him and explains why she can never love anyone. Story reveals about her past that she makes a mistake of eloping with a bad guy and returns home after realising her mistake. Her father allows her in but wouldn’t talk to her. So she decides to study for civil as her father aimed and become the girl her father always wanted to be. After knowing her back story, Amar decides to stop running behind her. Sadly, even after achieving the goal, her father wouldn’t talk to her. Amar knowing it, steps back in her life again to try convince her father that she regrets her mistakes. what happens to both of them after that is the story you should see.

Buchinaidukandriga is a love story of a couple Balu and Swapna. They both live in the same street in their village and swapna’s father Veeraswamy is a powerful person among the society. As balu loves swapna since childhood, he eventually proposes his love to which she accepts and both of them get into a relationship. They eloped together to Mysore and got married as they already knew that swapna’s parents wouldn’t accept their marriage. This raises the anger among the swapna’s family and her father goes to any edge to set everything right. The story takes a total turn and what happens then is the main aspect in the film that you will be interested to watch.

Cast and Crew of Amaramakhilamprema:

Actors: ShivshakthiSachdev, Vijay ram, Srikanthiyengar

Director: Jonathan Vesapogu

Music director: Radhan

Cinematography: RasoolEllore

Produced by: Vevkds Prasad

Cast and Crew of Buchinaidukandriga:

Actors: Munna, Drishikachander, Subbarao, Ravi varma

Director: Krishna poluru

Producer: Pamidimukkala Chandra Kumari

Music director: Mihiraamsh

There are a lot of real life people that these film stories can relate to and the stories and characterisation in the film will make your hearts melt as they expresses the true and real pain a person can go through. These are the two most romantic movies online that you can watch and also the latest movies online available only on Aha.

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